“War… My King. That’s what the Dwarves are threatening If we do not allow them free trade rights through Sea Haven.”

“What do we care? They are nothing more than simple merchant caste peasants playing at silly ‘Khandom’. I do not recognize their rule over the Red Mountain. They pose us no real threat.”

“My Lord, I beg you reconsider. This Dag Firehammer has a reputation.”

“I am aware, Gilnae. A reputation that is greatly exaggerated. Now send word immediately that we declining the Slaghammer Consortium’s petition for access to Sea Haven’s Bluff port.”

“As you wish…”

It was a mere season before I was proven wrong. The Slaghammer Consortium secretly allied with the Kingdom of Kerrst. Our messenger’s head was sent back to us as a reply. Carved into his forehead was one word. ‘War’. It only took the combined forces a matter of weeks before our border was pushed back to the front steps of the capitol city, Jaandale.

They came at us with more than we could imagine. When they first hit the border there were terrors the size of towers, their archers struck with unnatural accuracy and their warriors showed no fear of death in their eyes. I have never seen such hatred. They were equipped with armor and weapons of the finest Dwarven craftsmanship augmented by powerful magics.

Dag Firehammer commanded his army with deadly efficiency. His reputation was most deserved. Unexpected for a Dwarf from the surface caste. His military strategy was swift, decisive and devastating. For the first three weeks of conflict it was unknown if he lost any troops.

Luckily Jaandale is an impenetrable fortress. With the help of our Elven friends in the Tor’Melga Order to the east we have been able to halt their conquest. We are now under siege. If they take Jaandale – The Jordell Kingdom ceases to exist.

It is imperative that we keep our supply line from Sea Haven’s Bluff open if we are to break this siege on our land.

Crimson Shadow's Rise

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